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What is a Dream?

A dream is a release of revelation (whether natural or spiritual) that comes at a time when your body is at peace and you are settled. Sometimes this is the only way God can communicate with us, because our soul is quiet enough for the Lord to speak deeply into our spirit man. A dream is like a photograph of something you are able to relate to in a movie form. Ecclesiastes 5:3 tells us that a dream comes when there are many cares.

Dreams are formed in a person’s subconscious mind. They are based on the imagery and secret symbolic language that are exclusive and strategic to that person’s particular life and destiny. Dreams can either be a subconscious response to the circumstances of our lives or the Holy Spirit communicating His plans, ways and purposes to us. Dreams enable us to tap into the superior ways of the Divine Spirit. Dreams enable us to glance into the imperceptible realms of wisdom, counsel, knowledge and might.

The dreams and visions God births in us bring revelation, illumination, and inspiration. When we accept delivery of God’s dream letters of love, He releases the strategic power to change every life event into something wonderful. He turns negative happenings to our advantage and improvement. Dreams enable us to glance into the imperceptible realms of wisdom, counsel, knowledge and might.

Are dreams just a figment of our imagination or a fanciful desire that will never be realized? Are the dreams we dream just a way our subconscious deals with the business of the day? Or, do dreams really come true? And if they come true, when are they going to come true? How are dreams used to point to our future and destiny? Where does the motivation for astounding ideas come from? Is there a universal source that releases the ability to birth greatness or emboldens individuals to discover success and influence in life? Could it be that only a select unique few possess this gift? Or, has God granted humanity the ability to tap into the infinite realms of counsel, guidance and wisdom if they will only seek the face of an invisible God? The answers await us in the mysterious realms of the renewed mind and imagination. God has given us the power of imagination so that we can create an amazing life.

Dreams have the power to awaken us to destiny because they are guiding memories from God, the creator of the universe. Dream vapors reveal divine strategies and enlighten us to God’s perfect plans. It is important that we trust in the pictures and images of our dreams. Dreams enable you to trust in what no one else can see but you. Your dreams give a personal, private viewing of the grand plans and the landscapes of success that are available for you to apprehend. It is important that you become an active participant in making your dreams a reality. Don’t just take the attitude that if my dream is real, someday it will just happen on its own accord. You alone are called to take responsibility for the stewarding and mastery of the visions shown in your dreams.

Nothing in life that is worth its salt just happens. Life requires an investment of passion, hard work, and tears if we are to advance to a certain level of success. When I think about becoming successful, to me, it means the ability to fulfill the purpose for which a person was created. It is necessary to be diligent to make your dreams come true. The measure of dream fulfillment you experience will be directly related to the amount of time and effort you devote to understanding your dreams to insure that your dreams manifest. Always contend for the divine intervention your dreams are calling you to apprehend. When we realize that our steps are ordered by God, our confidence will rise to a new height of trust.

The symbols that fill our dreams paint a picture of what God wants to transpire in our lives if we will only believe Him for greatness. Faith enables the pictures to begin to form into tangible objects of reality. When our lives are over, God signs His name to the beautiful canvas of our existence. Then God proudly displays His workmanship in the art gallery of heaven. The colorful masterpieces He painted both shows and tells each of our stories.

The ethereal vapors of our dreams will become substantial presences when we believe that anything is possible with God. God is the giver of dreams. Jesus is also the Redeemer. So, like a knight in shining armor, He comes to restore the dreams we have allowed to fall by the wayside. The Holy Spirit inspires us to recall the images He sent long ago. God has mapped out our future. He brings the events of the world to bear on our individual circumstances as He wills. When the events of our lives coincide with the correct timing of His plans, the next phase of our destiny ensues. The Holy Spirit knows the perfect time to bring the dreams and plans He has formulated to enable our purpose to come to pass.

God knows the potential He has placed within every individual. So He creates the impossible dream that draws the very best out of us. During the inception of our destiny and at life’s crossroads, God recreates the person’s moral fiber, empowering them to fulfill the dreams He has given. God places His glorious image and grand imagination within us. God fashions His splendid character in us, so our identity and nature is caught up in Christ. When our heart feels His emotions and our mind mirrors His thoughts, we become a reflection of His greatness on earth. God has been acting from infinity to prepare us to succeed for eternity.

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

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