Spiritual Keys to an Ancient Lock

In February 2018, I was in the Spirit of on the Lord’s Day when before me a massive ancient lock appeared suspended in the air. The Holy Spirit invited me to enter in through the skeleton key opening on the front of the lock. When I approached the keyhole, it was like a large arched entryway into a castle or fortress. It was plenty big enough for me to walk into it. The giant arched walkway led into the intricate inner workings of the lock. I realized that my body and presence were being used as keys to gain entrance into the depths of the giant lock. Once inside I had to learn how to move in new, varied and different ways in order to advance within the internal gears, workings and chambers of the lock. Sometime I prophesied, decreed or declared to advance through a tumbler. Other times I had to sing, rejoice, praise or worship releasing a new and different sound or frequency to open the doors to a new room or passage way. At times I had to be silent, enter into peace and still my spirit until it could rest in God’s presence to hear or see what the Father was doing. When I was given vision I was also given clear direction through a word of knowledge, wisdom or counsel on how to advance and which steps to take. Sometimes the weight of the kabowd glory resting would trigger a lock to open when I simply stood in God’s presence. The weight of God’s presence pressed Him into me. At times angels appeared to give me the specific tool or Word that was required to open the door. Within the intricate workings of the lock I stood before what looked like an impenetrable massive castle door that was fortified with iron bands. I didn’t have the key to open the lock. God said, “In the season of the door do not take No for an answer! I have given you free reign with no restrictions. I have gone before you the clear paved path. I have given you the power to break down bronze gates, smash locks and kick down barred entrances.” Immediately, a fully equipped leather tool belt appeared around my waist. I choose a sturdy screwdriver and took it out of the holster. Inserting it under the hinge pens I was able to remove them from its secure places. I was given supernatural strength to easily lift the door. I quickly removed the massive door from its hinges, and slid it to the side, leaving a broad opening through which I advanced. The Lord spoke to me, “Now, this is a door that no man can shut.” Isaiah 45:1-3

From there the mouth of God gave me a brand-new name. The name Barbie Breathitt could only take me so far. Any residue of rejection failure, weakness, or ruin was stripped from me. An angels voice said, “ You are God’s chosen. He has armed you for a privileged work even though there are so many ways in which you do not know Him. Still, it is His great delight to give you the Kingdom.” Isaiah 62: “Now the attributes, characteristics, and names of Christ must emerge from within you as you take on this new covenant identity.” After a marriage ceremony, I took on the identity of Christ. He gave me a stunning crown and a golden-jeweled goblet full of both old and new wine. He showed me chambers filled with buried treasures. Suddenly, I understood the depths of mysteries as secrets were revealed. I could read scrolls of wisdom and was given books of knowledge to study. These gifts were priceless. God’s glory empowered me to know the secrets thoughts and intents of hearts. The God of light has no rival. He holds the future of the nations in His hand.

I kept moving forward towards the center of the lock. This was my determined goal. I was aware that heaven and the angelic realm were mirroring my every move. They were advancing towards me coming towards the center of the lock from the backside. When we met in the middle it was revealed to me that the lock was really the Father’s heart. I had ascended through the various levels, ladders, and chambers to reach the center of God’s will. Holy Spirit had revealed different aspects of Himself, His names, His characteristics, both concealed and reveal power and His divine attributes and nature. Upon reaching the center of God’s heart I was seated in Christ Jesus on a throne. This throne was alive, moving on wheels and wings with the creatures and heavenly beings, breathing, looking, and seeing. I could see, view, perceive, know and understand because I moved by the Spirit in perfect harmony with the centrality of God. Now I understood what the Bible meant when it said, “God has raised us up, and has blessed us in all spiritual blessings when we are seated together with Christ as joint heirs in heavenly places.” Ephesians 1:3, 20 Ephesians 2:6.

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

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