After completing the Freshman Level Training, students will continue to grow spiritually and in their understanding of dream interpretation.

Complete Sophomore Course Materials Package

The Material Package includes all the powerful tools and resources mentioned below for the Sophomore Level Training.

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Sophomore Level Dream Interpretation Package

Interpret 50 pre-selected and varied dreams by email

  1. Non-religious concepts will be implemented.
  2. Dreams at the sophomore level will be pre-selected.
  3. In the sophomore level we will delineate and stress knowing the difference between interpreting elements and using extra revelation in our communication with dreamers.
  4. Submit at least two dreams per month to for interpretation, training, and review with your dream coach.
  5. Use positive, short, concise interpretation that brings hope, clarity, and encouragement to the dreamer.
  6. Correctly identify the focus and sub-focuses – 85% accuracy is required.
  7. Search the Scriptures for verses that will add clarity and spiritual support to your interpretations.
  8. Learn to write what the dream indicates for the individual prophetically.

Your Dream Coach will access and certify 50 basic predetermined dreams by email that you have interpreted from a bank of designated dreams.

The Dream Encounter Workshop with Dr. Jack Deere & Dr. Barbie Breathitt

Listen to and complete the manual and CD series. Write and submit a short paragraph summary of the things you valued the most in each chapter. Write a paragraph summary of each teaching CD. What changes were you able to make after completing this study?

The Colorado Dream Encounters Workshop

Kingdom Encounter Series

The Kingdom Encounters series imparts valuable keys and information on how to inherit and walk in Kingdom principles and anointings. You will learn how to draw the angelic realm into your present situations becoming the victor instead of remaining the victim. The Kingdom Encounter series shows you how to make the necessary changes to enable success and power to operate in your life.

Write a paragraph summary on each of the Kingdom Encounter CDs with the essence of what you learned and how you were able to apply it to your dream and waking life.

  1. The Cycle of Life
  2. Inheriting the Kingdom of God I
  3. Inheriting the Kingdom of God II
  4. Crossing the Spiritual River
  5. The Power of Peace Entering into Rest
  6. It’s Time for a Suddenly in Your Life
  7. It’s Raining
  8. Pure Heart, Pure Light
  9. Ezekiel’s River and Wheels
  10. Dressed for Success, Clothed in Light
  11. The Kingdom Power of Change
  12. God’s Colors and Light

Card: Waking Words of Wisdom

Learn to incorporate relevant scriptural verses within the interpretation of the dream. Learn to incorporate relevant scriptural verses from the waking time of the dream within the interpretation of the dream.

Teaching CDs

Write a paragraph summary on each of the Teaching CDs with the essence of what you learned and how you were able to apply it to your dream and waking life.

  1. Be Anything – Do Anything
  2. Dream Interpretation
  3. Dreams and Visions 1
  4. Dreams and Visions 3
  5. God Communicates Through Dreams
  6. Hindrances to Dreams
  7. More Things in Dreams
  8. Numbers and Hebrew Letters
  9. Things in Dreams

Additional Reading

Write a summary of what you have learned from each book.

All written reports are to be submitted to