After completing the Senior level of training, students are eligible to apply for ordination under Breath of the Spirit Ministries and are able to teach our materials to their own students.

Complete Senior Course Materials Package

The Material Package includes all the powerful tools and resources mentioned below for the Senior Level Training.

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Senior Level Dream Interpretation

Interpret 50 pre-selected and varied dreams by email.

Senior level dreams are from the bank of designated categories assigned by your Dream Coach. Your Dream Coach will help you fine-tune and polish your technique.

Dream Mapping Training

A skilled Dream Coach will help you learn Dream Mapping techniques by discerning what the dream indicates prophetically. Your personal coach will empower you to find hidden clues in the context and content, waking times, dates, symbols, and the colors clues in your own dreams.

Healing Encounter Series

The Healing Encounter course is designed to teach, train, activate and impart the belief, skills and abilities to move in the healing ministry. One third of Jesus’ ministry dealt with healing the sick, infirmed, crippled, and diseased. Jesus healed all that came to Him for healing. It is God’s will to heal everyone, just like it is His will that all be saved.

    1. Introduction to Healing
    2. Jesus the Healer
    3. Walking in the Healing Ministry
    4. Issues of the Heart
    5. The Communion Table
    6. Four Aspects of Healing
    7. Healing by Deliverance

The Faith Realm

  1. The Anointing
  2. Take Your Authority
  3. You Get What You Expect
  4. Miracles Today
  5. Hindrances to Miracles
  6. Suffering in Regards to Healing
  7. God’s Voice of Healing
  8. You Must See It to Be It!
  9. Keeping Your Healing
  10. Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Hands on application: Find five individuals that need healing. Pray for them until they improve or are totally healed. Write a short summary of their condition, how you prayed, and how their healing took place. Attend a Healing Encounter if possible to be a part of the ministry team.

Teaching CDs

Listen to CD teaching titles and write a summary paragraph for each.

    1. Healing
    2. Healing and the Seven Spirits of God
    3. Healing Anointing
    4. Healing Dimensions
    5. Healing Flames
    6. Healing God’s Gateway to Glory
    7. Only Believe

Power of Dunamis

  1. Restoration Breakthrough
  2. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles 1
  3. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles 2
  4. Signs, Wonders, and Miracles 3
  5. Spirit without Limit
  6. Thresholds to Glory
  7. Visions, Trances, and Translations

Senior Level General Requirements

    1. At this level interpreters can begin to help interpret the ‘fresh’ dreams submitted to My Onar (if needed or desired) with supervision of a coach.
    2. Interpretive skill as well as character is focused on and addressed—with kind honesty.
    3. Volunteer duties can be dispersed for service.
    4. Healing Dimensions
    5. Non-Religious language should be second nature.
    6. Consistent accuracy (95%) is required as well as ability to communicate with succinctness, good writing and spelling skills and anointing.
    7. Participation (with preparation and follow-up as well as with interpreting) with dream team at one or more events would complement training.

With coach supervision, seniors may lead training sessions for freshmen and sophomores.

  1. Web training sessions will cover senior level dreams as well as address other ministry-related dream interpretation practices.
  2. Practice in putting it all together: giving an interpretation of elements and including additional revelation to give a Spirit-packed message to the dreamer at their spiritual level.
  3. Submit at least four dreams per month to DecodeMyDream for interpretation with your dream coach.
  4. Seniors that have successfully met all the graduation qualifications will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

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