So You Want to Change the World

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A handbook for those who want to be world changers. These essays share insights from twelve people of impact about how YOU can make a positive difference in your world. Get ready to move beyond your モnormal,ヤ and become an agent of divine change in the world

So You Want to Change the World? is a compilation of twelve authors’ perspectives on how you can make a positive difference in your world.

Some key themes include:

  • Doing the same things and expecting change.
  • Church-as-usual isn’t working.
  • God can do amazing things with humble, broken vessels.
  • The Secret Place is the key to hearing Heaven’s heartbeat and bringing God’s will to earth.
  • Change can come through miracles, worship, and intercession.

The essays reflect a variety of inspiring and exciting thought from Patricia King’s exhortation to “go for it” to Doug Alexander’s in-depth look at Psalm 45.

You will be encouraged and motivated to think and act beyond your normal routine and traditions – stretching yourself for the sake of bettering your world for His glory.

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