I AM A Man Of God Cards


I’m When you purchase all 6 (All Months)  you get the set at half price, a suction cup, and a reclosable poly bag.

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I AM A Man Of God Cards-

This monthly series of I AM cards are especially designed with you; the spiritual man in mind. Strategically place the suction cup on your mirror where you shave each morning. Make sure that you can see your own reflection. Each morning, during the day, or before going to bed each night, look at your image while reading aloud that month’s statement verses. Ask God to transform you into His image and likeness as you read, pray, decree, & declare the powerful statement verses contained on that months I AM card. At the end of the month place the top I AM card behind the other cards. Now, locate & display the next I AM month’s card. Place it on top of the hook for ease of reading.

Pray, recite, decree, & declare the new verses over yourself daily. You will be amazed at how easy it is to take on a new godly, identity as you are transformed by becoming the messages contained in the I AM statements.

I AM A Man Of God Cards Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk7DZhMYo2o

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