The Holy Spirit: Keys to the Kingdom

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Today’s Christian desperately needs the holy spirit. Satan’s time is passing. The clock is ticking and the alarm is about to sound. Satan is implementing his last thrust of deception and enticements now. Only the Holy Spirit is able to inform us what is of God and what is of the enemy. The Christian who has developed a relationship with the Holy Spirit will be safe and truthfully informed during these times. Many other Christians will not be so fortunate. These have neglected this person of God on the earth. Knowing this person, the Holy Spirit is critical for life in the days ahead. There is a union with the Holy Spirit that forms only in a relationship. If there is no relationship, this union is not there. When this union is intact, a door opens for receiving from God. If we neglect our union with the Holy Spirit, this door can remain mostly closed. He is waiting on us. All who say yes to Him receive His Keys to the Kingdom of God.

Written by Gary Carroll


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