The Healing Encounter


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The Healing Encounter course is designed to teach, train, activate and impart the belief, skills and abilities to move in the healing ministry.

One third of Jesus’ ministry dealt with healing the sick, infirmed, crippled, and diseased. Jesus healed all that came to Him for healing. It is God’s will to heal everyone, just like it is His will that all be saved.

The course topics include:

  • Introduction to Healing
  • Jesus, the Healer
  • Issues of the Heart
  • Four Aspects of Healing
  • The Faith Realm
  • Take Your Authority
  • You Get What You Expect
  • Miracles Today
  • Hindrances to Miracles
  • Suffering in Regards to Healing
  • God’s Voice of Healing
  • You Must See it to Be it!
  • Keep Your Healing
  • Healing Scriptures
  • Baptism with the Holy Spirit
  • Walking in the Healing Ministry.

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