Level 1: Freshman Dream Interpretation Package


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The dream resources will help you to review basic dream interpretation techniques.

You will receive 50 dreams to interpret by e-mail.

  • Always formulate your interpretation with edification, encouragement, hope and above all love. Avoid negativity or correction always offer kindness and understanding.
  • Try to have your interpretation match the dream length.
  • Use positive, short, concise interpretation that brings hope, clarity and encouragement to the dreamer.
  • Practice writing what the dream indicates for the individual prophetically.
  • Search the Scriptures for verses from the Waking Words of Ancient Wisdom dream card that will add clarity to the meanings of their waking time or the date the dream was given. This is a great way to add Scriptural support to your interpretations. God watches over His Word to perform it.
  • Correctly identify the focus and sub-focuses. 85% accuracy is required to pass the Freshman level.

If you have difficulty interpreting  a particular dream, please attempt an interpretation first, then notify the coach who will send a completed interpretation by email.