Dreams & Visions In The Seer Realm Class 1 Part 2


You don’t have to have taken Part 1 to participate in Part 2.

If you need help or have questions please call 972-253-6653.

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Mentoring with Dr. Barbie Breathitt Spiritual P.H.D. (Prophecy, Healing Deliverance/Dreams)

Dreams & Visions In The Seer Realm Class 1 Part 2

4- 1 HR sessions + Q&A Live Online Only: 

  • May 1- 7 pm CST
  • May 8- 7 pm CST
  • May 15- 7 pm CST
  • May 22- 7 pm CST

First 10 to sign up receive 1 Free dream interpretation at

Plus 10% off coupon for

$62.50 each individual session or $250 for class package.

Complete 12 sessions on one topic to earn a certificate of completion. See image below for example.

You don’t have to take them in order just as long as 12 sessions are completed on one topic.

Link to join the Live Stream will be sent to your email.

See What Others Are Saying About Mentoring with Dr. Barbie Breathitt

“Being in the class, has a twofold meaning-one it open my eyes more with understanding of dreams, like it unlocked something in me and second-confirmed more about the giftings in me, that I ignored, I am going to sign up for the healing class, and later if available the Seer.”


“I’m grateful for all I have learned. I discovered Dr. Barbie about 8 years ago on YouTube videos and since that time have been recording my dreams in the manner she teaches. I’ve also submitted dreams to and have received interpretations that were especially helpful in guidance and correction. Thank you so much for the blessing of this ministry.”