Patricia King

Extreme Prophetic

Barbie Breathitt is a skilled and anointed prophetic minister and author of curriculum. She is outstanding at dream interpretation, moves effectively in healing ministry and has experienced angelic and other supernatural encounters. Barbie is dynamic, creative, and full of faith. I recommend her to you.

Jack Deere

Teaching Pastor at Wellspring Church

Barbie Breathitt is a gifted prophetic minister. I have been impressed with her ability to interpret dreams. She serves faithfully on our ministry teams when she is not ministering in other churches. She is also a faithful intercessor, consistently attending our prayer meetings. We are glad to have her in our church.

Chuck Pierce

President / Glory of Zion International Ministries

Barbie Breathitt is not only very gifted to help people interpret revelation, but she holds the greatest quality of servanthood. The Lord has used Barbie and her teams in two of our very large conferences to minister to as many as 700 people in three days. She is well organized and has a “well greased” or anointed team that assists her to help God’s people know what He is saying to them. I would recommend her to be used any time or any place.

“And the Lord would say unto you that I have formed you. And I have given you favor for a season. And I am beginning to cause you to see the mission of why I have positioned you in the earth at this time. I say you are going to be breathing from a seeing stand point. For I say I am opening your eyes to see into a realm where I AM and where I AM bringing in revelation of the night. I say from that revelation of the night you will breath out an expression of who I AM and night will become light saith the Lord. And you will cause people where they could not see; they will begin to see, and not only will they see they will begin to live. And from their life they will begin to express Me saith the Lord.” – Prophetic Word to Barbie Breathitt from Chuck Pierce, August 4, 2006

Paul L. Cox

Aslan’s Place

I deeply appreciate the spiritual gifts that the Lord has given to Barbie! You need to get to know her and her ministry!

Richard & Patricia Sayad

Saginaw Valley Community Church | Saginaw, Michigan

We have come to know Barbie very well through her ministry at our church, Saginaw Valley Community Church in Saginaw, Michigan. She has come as a teacher and as a conference speaker and both ministries carry a strong prophetic and healing anointing. She is a powerful woman of faith and we consider it a privilege to know her as a woman whose ministry bears much fruit for the kingdom of God. We value her ministry and her friendship to us and to our church family.

Pastor Kerry Kirkwood

Trinity Fellowship | Tyler, TX

Barbie ministered at Trinity Fellowship in Tyler over a weekend and we found her to be informative and refreshing. The response from those who attended was positive and motivational. Barbie interacts very well with people and understands the local church dynamics. I find her to be a good resource of what the Holy Spirit is emphasizing today.

Michael B. French

President, Advocate Ministries, Inc. / Sr. Pastor, Cahaba Christian Fellowship | Irondale, AL

We have been blessed to work with Breath of the Spirit Ministries on numerous occasions. I have had the opportunity to observe Barbie minister both in our church, in various other locations around the world. She is a gifted teacher who operates in a strong prophetic anointing. I have also had opportunity to travel overseas with Barbie and have seen her adapt to unique cultural situations in a way that could only come with the wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit. We have been blessed by Barbie’s ministry and by her friendship. Her teaching is solid and her gifting is Spirit-led. I am happy to recommend her ministry.

Karen & Jerry Haupt

Fish Gate Community Church – Dayton, Ohio

We recently had Barbie Breathitt help us dedicate our Creative Sound Café to the Lord and everyone came away encouraged and challenged to use the creative gifts they had been given in a greater way. When she spoke the following Sunday morning we witnessed healings physically, spiritually and emotionally. God is using Breath of the Spirit Ministries to equip the body for works of service in knowing Gods voice, using the spiritual gifts He has given and practicing a life of increasing faith. We are excited to bring Barbie and Steve back to Fish Gate Community Church soon!

Pastor John Parks

Freedom Fellowship – Magnolia, TX / Regional Director – Antioch Oasis International

There are some anointed ministries that are must-have ministries. Their insight, depth, and grace for articulation of truth draw ones spirit to meditate on the God of Wonder. Their demonstration of power takes you out of being a spectator putting you in Jesus’ desire for you to be a participator in His kingdom. Their integrity of relationships and in the scriptures causes a true sense of peace and safety while ministering eternal truth with the Body of Christ.

“Breath of the Spirit” ministries is just such a Ministry and Barbie Breathitt it’s founder delivers an anointed Life Changing Message to the body of Christ. Whether the occasion calls for a conference / seminar or simply a pulpit teaching quest Barbie will flow with the Spirit of God meeting human need to more perfectly connect with the Creator. I certainly recommend “Breath of the Spirit” ministries with their emphasis on Supernatural ministry through Healing and Prophetic including Dream Interpretation. The masses of humanity have a desperate need to experience the God of all Power! Thank God there are those like Barbie Breathitt equipping the church for just such an encounter.

Pastor Jan-Aage Torp

Oslokirken – Oslo, Norway

The ministry of Barbara Breathitt has greatly impacted our church. Both times she has been with us, she has brought hands-on, inspiring and revelatory teaching which has significantly enhanced the ministry of our people. What I especially like about her, is that she is true-to-life, a real human being who loves God and loves people. Barbara, you are always welcome back to the land of the vikings!

Richard & Rebecca Maisenbacher

Covenant Outreach Ministries, Inc. | Lakeland, Florida

The Dreams, Visions and the Supernatural Conference this past weekend with Barbie Breathitt was exciting and informative. Her teaching and impartation not only increased our awe of God and His majesty; but gave us great insight into His desire to communicate with us through dreams and visions.

Robert & Carol Skeirik

Healing Encounter Seminar

I am happy to endorse Barbie Breathitt’s Healing Encounter Seminar. I brought Barbie and her brother Steve to Knoxville in the Fall of 2006 to do a Healing Encounters Training. We had leaders from around the region attend, and everyone felt they had received excellent training and went home with not only a solid Biblical Foundation, practical exercises to develop their growth, but a significant spiritual impartation as well.

Response was so positive, that a couple of different leaders from different Churches and organizations from around the East Tennessee area are working to have Barbie return in the Fall of 07 – possibly at multiple venues.

I have known Barbie now for years. We have taught and ministered together on several occasions and I highly recommend Breath of the Spirit Ministries, not only for their Biblical Knowledge and the Fruit of the Ministry, but as well because they she is a woman of character, and consistently employs the heart of Christ in her life.

John Mark

Word to the World Ministries

Barbie and her brother Steve were a hit at the Ark of Safety meetings in Vincennes, IN. You will want to have at least a meeting or two during the day and you may want to do something on Sunday following? Anyhow, Barbie brings 25 years of teaching with so much relevant materials that are so easy to follow in the teaching sessions, you will come away knowing how to interpret dreams better than you ever dreamed! I just wanted to give you a “high” recommendation after we ministered together in this last conference.