Let the Church Arise


Believers are living in a time when the light of the church is emerging out of the Dark Ages where gross darkness has covered the people. Some people are still ruled by legalistic, religious doctrines that keep them locked in spiritual poverty. Many denominations continue to limit the ministry of the Holy Spirit, gifts and the interaction with angels by legislating their control through religious traditions to emasculate the power of God.


It is important that we learn to work with the “ANGELS IN GOD’S KINGDOM” so that we can access the new dimensional gates and open effective doors. God has reserved angelic encounters, precious spiritual gifts, mantles and anointings that were sealed up in the past so that they could be unwrapped and revealed during this time in history.


Spiritual ignorance is unacceptable because it causes us to miss the mark by limiting our access to God. Spiritual poverty keeps us restrained in the natural realm, forcing us to dwell in a desert wasteland that rigidly confines our life to lack, hopelessness and despair.


To move forward through the doors of opportunity we must overcome many obstacles. The strongman of religious tradition and ignorance must we broken, renounced and removed. The wise are given the understanding of God’s ways; but, the wicked will not enter into spiritual understanding because their darkened soul continue to act wickedly.


But God has released His church into a new era of favor. God has pruned away the dead, dry limbs off the vine so that we can be more fruitful moving from accomplishing good things into obtaining great things!


During this time of shaking all of creation is groaning for the Sons of God to arise in both the likeness and image of God. Being created in the likeness and image of God we must look like Him, act like Him, talk like Him, smell like Him and move in power like He does. It is time for the spiritually attuned people of God to arise and shine like stars reflecting the power of God’s might.


Dismantle the things that did not work in the past. Stop repeating the same old cycles. It is time to shutdown, and reboot, to restructure, in order to rebuild a prosperous, godly future. To prosper one must learn the ways of God. In order to break the chains of mental, spiritual and physical poverty our thoughts must change by renewing our mind with the Word of God.


We have been given a new name and glorious identity that is intertwined with the nature of God. We are emerging as the Son’s of God, who know how to utilize the names of God to gain favor. While working in conjunction with the angelic realms we access heaven’s resources that give us the necessary wisdom and knowledge to open earthly doors of opportunity.


God is exposing corrupt people, corporate systems and faulty government and religious structures. As the church continues to pray “Thy Kingdom Come!” crooked people and iniquitous places are all coming down.


There will be a spiritual reformation that brings in God’s Kingdom structures of righteousness. Watch as record numbers of Christians hear and answer the call to rise up, to run on a righteous platform to win electoral races. The church will awake to elect Christians into government offices in order to unseat evil in our land. The remnant church has regained its clarion prophetic and moral voice rising as a light in the darkness to save this generation.


Spiritual transition enlarges our capacity to obtain true knowledge and to increase in spiritual understanding so that we can receive and minister in the divine nature of God. God comes into us in His fullness at salvation. But it takes us a lifetime for us to learn how to access God’s spiritual enlightenment in order to access all of the power, wisdom and knowledge that are contained in His names, characteristics, and attributes. God has given us everything we need to rule our lives and subsequently reign the world by activating His divine nature within our beings. We are transformed according to the measure of the power of Christ that we have awakened to do its work within us.


We must learn to look at set backs, as divine set ups, for a greater come back that is centered in God’s perfect will. The righteous will continue to go through many trials and test that will smelt and purify us until our robes are made white refined in the fires of holiness. Spiritual purity makes it possible for the righteous to align with God’s highest, utmost destiny for their life.


As we adjust our focus to gaze heavenward we will see the manifestation of the increased expanse of God’s light breaking forth in its full radiance arising and shining as the noonday sun. The ‘Or’ Light of God’s favor is shining upon us just like it did on Esther when she outshone all the other virgins. A Jewish orphan was chosen above all to become the ruling Queen of pagan nation.


God is speaking to us day and night so we can obtain the new vision He has for us. Without a vision people perish. We have come to the end of one season so that phase of the vision has been completed. Now the next phase arises on the calendar of God’s strategic timetable.


The victorious church of today is arising to receive fresh Scriptural revelation with its application coming through the teamwork of the five-fold ministry. By connecting to and aligning with the five-fold ministry example of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, and Teachers the church will emerge as a strong healthy company because its success is no longer exclusively resting upon the shoulders of a Pastor dominated church. Apostolic teams of leaders are called to serve and equip the saints empowering them to do the works of the ministry by reaching outside of the four walls of the church to evangelize the lost.


When the church is built and established upon the foundation of the Apostle and Prophets it will advance in the glorious demonstration of power with signs, wonders and miracles following. The church is being restored to her original glory and power by embracing the five different aspects of the ministry offices and their unique functions. Nations, kings and peoples are drawn to the light of our shining, emerging to worship God because the Kabowd light of glory is radiating from the essence of this power driven church.


Once people discover their place in the true apostolic order they will exit the weak self-serving networks that have held them captive. Their newfound freedom will position them to mature in their gifts and callings to advance and prosper God’s Kingdom, fulfilling their personal destiny joined to a unified army.


I prophesy to you that it is time to position yourself to regain your personal success, fame, wealth, and health, for there is a resurgence of prosperity. Everything that was stolen will be returned. You are going to recover all that was lost. You will be returned to your former position of favor to make up all of your deficits. It is time for your dreams to return so that you can see how to restore all that has been lost. A divine reversal has come to turn everything around that concerns you.


New things shall spring up. God has placed His Words within your mouth to decree divine change in the power of His might, to rule and reign in righteousness. Your talents will cause you to inherit cities. God has given you power to create, get, sustain and disburse wealth. Now is the time to harvest new ideas, patent, and produce them to market the inventions God has given you, placing them into circulation.


You are called as a Kingdom ambassador, as men and women who have been tested and tried in the fires having laid down their own agendas to fulfill God’s kingdom mandates. You are mantled with God’s glory and authority to interrupt man’s daily routines, agendas and to spring the traps formed by man’s archaic traditions.


Believers have awakened to the power of God flowing through their lives to prophesy with laser sharp accuracy to release revival. We are established on a firm biblical foundation to implement great exploits that changes religious structures in order to advance the move of God. The manifestation of God’s glory is so powerful it both consumes and transforms everything that is in its path forging a new glorious foundation for us to run upon.


Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt

Breath of the Spirit Ministries


August 24, 2018