After completing the Sophomore Level Training, students will dig deeper into the Word of God to further their spiritual understanding of dream interpretation.

You will be enriched and learn how God speaks through dreams. Remember that all growth takes time and effort. We will work and pray for you during your training process.

Complete Junior Course Materials Package

The Material Package includes all the powerful tools and resources mentioned below for the Junior Level Training.

Purchasing the Full Materials Package which includes all the required materials will save you up to 15% on materials and we will waive the shipping and handling fee when you enter the promotional code ‘education‘ during checkout.

Junior Level Dream Interpretation

Interpret 50 pre-selected and varied dreams by email.

  1. Of higher importance at this level: interpreters will get to the heart of the message for the dreamer – learning how to hear “past” the elements of a dream – tuning into the Holy Spirit for symbolic application and intermediate interpretation.
  2. Dreams at this level will be pre-selected to introduce dreams from secular outreaches, soul dreams, and spiritual warfare dreams.
  3. Students are encouraged to participate in and go out on dream and prophetic team outreaches, future events, to interpret dreams and give encouraging words of knowledge.
  4. Submit at least two dreams per month to for interpretation, training, and review with your dream coach.
  5. Use positive, short, concise interpretation that brings hope, clarity, and encouragement to the dreamer.
  6. Use of non-religious language and concepts is required.
  7. Correctly identify the focus and sub-focuses – 95% accuracy is required.
  8. Search the Scriptures for verses that will add clarity and spiritual support to your interpretations.
  9. Learn to write what the dream indicates for the individual prophetically.

Junior level dreams are from the bank of designated categories assigned by your Dream Coach. Your Dream Coach will help you fine-tune and polish your technique.

Angelic Encounter Series

Angelic Encounters is a course that establishes a biblical foundation for the proof of angels. Topics include: What are Angels?; Ministry of Angels; Types, Functions, and Characteristics of Angels; Satan and Fallen Angels; and Angels and the Death of the Saints. Barbie shares personal experiences of angelic visitations from her life.

Teaching CDs

Write a paragraph summary on each of the Teaching CDs with the essence of what you learned and how you were able to apply it to your dream and waking life.

  1. Books of Remembrance & the Future
  2. Burnt Stones
  3. Doorway to the Supernatural
  4. Dreams, Visions & Healing Evangelism
  5. God of Wonder
  6. God’s Seven Year Cycle of Completion
  7. Honor God’s Gateway to Glory
  8. Job’s Original Bible Constellations
  9. Living Stones
  10. Recording and Interpreting Your Dreams
  11. Signs in the Heavens
  12. Spiritual Harmony
  13. Spiritual Inheritance
  14. Spiritual Vision
  15. Touching Jesus – The Tree of Life

All written reports are to be submitted to