The four levels of training provide a comprehensive understanding of Biblical dream interpretation and a foundation for ministry. Each level has prepackaged materials required for coursework. All assignments must be submitted online and can be completed at your own pace. Each level is considered complete when all requirements for the level have been fulfilled.

There are four phases of training.

  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior

Students will correctly interpret a total of 200 dreams in their training process.

After completing the Senior level of training, students are eligible to apply for ordination under Breath of the Spirit Ministries and are able to teach our materials to their own students.

Application Fee and Tuition

One time application fee and 4 year tuiton cost.

Complete Freshman Course Materials Package

The Materials Package is separate from and in addition to the Tuition. The Material Package includes all the powerful tools and resources mentioned below for the Freshman Level Training. As well as what needs to be completed and sent in is below.

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Dream Interpretation Practice


You will receive 50 basic dreams to interpret via e-mail.
The dream resources will help you to review basic dream interpretation techniques.


  • Always formulate your interpretation with edification, encouragement, hope and above all love. Avoid negativity or correction always offer kindness and understanding.
  • Try to have your interpretation match the dream length.
  • Use positive, short, concise interpretation that brings hope, clarity and encouragement to the dreamer.
  • Practice writing what the dream indicates for the individual prophetically.
  • Search the Scriptures for verses from the Waking Words of Ancient Wisdom dream card that will add clarity to the meanings of their waking time or the date the dream was given. This is a great way to add Scriptural support to your interpretations. God watches over His Word to perform it.
  • Correctly identify the focus and sub-focuses. 85% accuracy is required to pass the Freshman level.

If you have difficulty interpreting a particular dream, please attempt an interpretation first, then notify the coach who will send a completed interpretation by email.

Revelatory Encounters Teaching Series

This teaching series will enable you to develop your skill and ability to differentiate and discern between your voice, the enemies voice and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Hearing God’s voice is essential to effectively bring encouragement and change by building character and integrity.

Revelatory Encounters will empower you to grasp what God is saying to you personally, and to spiritually impact this generation.

Areas of Study include these exciting topics:

  1. Prophetic Overview
  2. Gift of Prophecy
  3. Walking with God in Relationship
  4. Receiving Revelation
  5. Prophetic Ministry
  6. The Importance of Character
  7. Walking in Spiritual Authority
  8. The Gifts
  9. Establishing Prophetic Ministry Teams

Listen to and complete The Revelatory Encounters manual and CD series. Write and submit a short paragraph summary of the things you valued the most in each chapter. Write a paragraph summary of each teaching CD.

What positive changes were you able to make in your life after completing this study? If possible attend a Revelatory Encounter to receive the impartations and the activations provided.

Dream Symbols

These volumes contain the various categories of dream symbols and their meanings. Just as is true with mastering any new language, you will need to master symbolic metaphors and dream vocabulary to become a proficient communicator of God’s dream language.

The A to Z Dream Dictionary contains all of the symbols in Volumes 1-7. If you would prefer the card volumes, they are available in the online store.

The Dream Encounters Training Manual and 12-CD Teaching

This set will enable you to begin your journey in understanding the dream languages of God. You will learn about the different spiritual realms; dreams, visions, visitations of angels, trances, transportations, and translations.

You will learn the importance of colors and numbers and how they relate to the dream symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. You will learn about lucid dreams, how to change a negative dream, determine the focus and how to interpret yours and the dreams of others.

The Dream Encounters 12-Lesson teaching CD set with  Dr. Barbie Breathitt will empower you to understand the symbolic language and mysteries of God for yourself and to interpret the dreams of this generation. Listen to and complete the manual and CD series. Write and submit a short paragraph summary of the things you valued the most in each chapter. Write a paragraph summary of each teaching CD. What dream interpretation skills to you gain after completing this study?

The Dream Encounter Workshop – DVDs

Watch Barbie as she demonstrates dream interpretation techniques and valuable diagramming skills in front of a live audience. Then write a one page typed summary outlining the things you learned.

Teaching CDs

Write and submit a one paragraph review of what you’ve learned from each CD.

Reading Materials

Write a summary for each book of what you’ve learned.

Dream Encounters, Gateway to the Seer Realm, Dream Seer, & Dream Interpreter

Your Dream Journal


Record and/or submit at least one of your dreams a week if you would like more practice to for interpretation. (The dream journal part of this site is free to use.)


By interpreting your dreams and those of others, you will become aware of the many ways the Holy Spirit uses to bring increased spiritual clarity, direction, and hearing into your life. Allow the dream coach’s interpretation help you determine the focus, subfocuses, and details of the dream. Your dream coach’s interpretation will enable you to condense your dream and eliminate unnecessary wording to find the true essence of your dream.


One of the best ways to learn to interpret dreams is to interpret dreams. Remember the adage, “Practice makes perfect!”


Submit your dreams to for interpretation by our dream coaches. Barbie encourages all of her students to interpret their own dreams. When your dream interpretation is back in your journal compare your interpretation with the one sends you and grow in your skill and knowledge of dream interpretation.

All written reports are to be submitted to

Please note that if you must withdraw for a season, please alert the ministry office at in writing. We understand that things may come up which you need to address and we will gladly work with you. However, if six [6] months transpires without any communication from you, then we will assume you desire to end your participation in dream training until a later date. If this is the case there are some actions we will consider taking:

  • Your name may be placed on the inactive student list which will stop dreams from being directed to you for interpretation and will hinder your ability to graduate in a timely manner.
  • Your past interpretations will be placed on hold.
  • If at any time you decide to drop out of the training program there will be no refund of any portion of your tuition. The financial requirements to re-enroll will be required again upon your decision to return to active status, including registration fees and all previous monies will not be applied toward re-enrollment fee.