“Flesh” would be a good word study in Scripture.

Flesh does have a couple meanings. One means the body or our physical body in which we walk around.

There is no sin in having  a body. Jesus had a body and it was not sinful.


Second, meaning for flesh is  the idea that we use our body (mind, will and soul) to sin against ourselves, others and God.

This is the idea Jesus was portraying when he mentioned the Pharisees and their flesh.

It’s not that their physical bodies were sinful but that they placated the desires of their flesh for sinful purposes.


Eve was tempted by the flesh; the lust of the eyes, the pride of life and another I can’t remember.

These are the same temptations Jesus faced with the devil in the desert; “see the rocks make them bread” lust of the eyes.


Just remember Jesus flesh was not sinful.

God gave Adam and Eve flesh bodies and it was good.

Only after the fall has our body become a stumbling block to living right. Don’t cave to the flesh but crucify the flesh or put it under the control of the Spirit or the mind which has been programmed by the Word.