Thank you for your interest in being ordained through Breath of the Spirit Ministries.

Our Ordination services are held several times a year in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

First, please read the below ordination requirements.

As a candidate, please check with the Dallas office at 972.253.6653 for the next time ordination will be offered.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and all monetary gifts are tax-deductible.

Meet with Barbie Breathitt, a powerful preacher, prophetic minister, encourager, and author. After being ordained there will be a special time of celebration where you will receive a personal prophetic word and prayer impartation from Barbie to send you out covered and anointed into your destiny.

Training Manuals

The Training Manuals (required reading) and or attend some Encounter Workshops prior to Ordination weekend are:

  1. The Revelatory Encounter Manual and CD set
  2. Books: Dream Encounters Seeing Your Destiny From God’s Perspective,  Dream Seer, Dream Interpreter, Gateway to the Seer Realm, Angels in Gods Kingdom, and the A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary
  3. The Dream Encounter Manual and CD set.
  4. The Healing Encounter Manual and CD set.
  5. The Angelic Encounter Manual and CD set.
  6. The Kingdom Encounter CD set Series.

These books and training manuals will be used to prepare you for  Ordination  (and the rest of your life!).  You will need to provide documentation that you have completed the four training manuals before your Ordination.

Let us encourage you to begin getting acquainted with some of Barbie’s teachings now. You may contact Breath of the Spirit offices and order the ordination package, which includes all of Barbie’s books plus the CDs or DVDs shipping, handling, and postage.

Please advise us of any changes in your ministry title or the type of ordination you would like to carry. Your updated ordination card will be mailed to your current address.

Please complete our  (PDF) and send it via e-mail or print and mail to:

Breath of the Spirit Ministries, INC.
P.O. Box 1356
Lake Dallas, TX 75065-1356

Requirements and Steps for Ordination with Breath of the Spirit Ministries, INC.:

  1. Receive the call of God on your life to take the healing power of Jesus to the four corners of the earth, make disciples, and set the captives free.
  2. Complete an Ordination Application Form and mail it with the non-refundable $150.00 fee and two current photos (head and shoulders only) to:
    Breath of the Spirit Ministries
    P.O. Box 1356
    Lake Dallas, TX 75065-1356
  3. Provide two completed Recommendation Forms – one from ministry and one personal, which must be sent directly to Breath of the Spirit Ministries (address above) or emailed to Recommendations may not be from relatives.
  4. Purchase all four of Barbie’s Training Encounters and books listed above. Please read and complete the workbooks prior to Ordination.
  5. Approval of application by Barbie Breathitt and her board of directors.
  6. An annual renewal fee of $30.00 to maintain your ordination is billed in January.
  7. Please send a one page typed summary of your ministry activities for the past year.
  8. We will advise you of any new training resources and books for your continuing ministry education and preparation.