Seniors that have successfully met all the graduation qualifications will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

Certified graduates may request to be evaluated for ordination, as a certified dream interpreter, for licensing. Those that are ordained may minister with and under the umbrella. A suggested offering of 2% of your income is requested to maintain your ordination.

Certified graduates who maintain their partnering status of ($30.00 a month), and have qualified as ordained ministers will be placed in the interpreter’s pool to be hired/volunteer as needed.

Certified graduates that maintain their partnering and want to hold training workshops using all of Breath of the Spirits resources and materials are allowed to purchase all the training materials at a 30% discounted rate. requests a 10% offering off the gross profits of any Encounters training events. The minister will be given 60% of the tuitions (you may set your own workshop prices) that register online or at the event; 100% of the offerings taken at the events; and all remainders of the proceeds from the classes they book and instruct.

We will make our website available for student enrollment in Encounter Series for a $45.00 posting and advertising fee for each workshop.

The superlative dream instructor is responsible to supply all necessary information for the event: Title of Workshop, Date, event and shipping location, cost, time, etc.

If you desire to purchase a bookstore for your event we will drop ship products to a designated location. All monies must be pre-paid in full, up front before we will place the book order with a distributor. All products will be retained and owned by the said instructor and are not exchangeable, returnable or refundable to or Breath of the Spirit.  All products including but not limited to (CDs, DVDs, Dream Symbol Cards, Training Manuals and Books) that are purchased from Breath of the Spirit or a book distributor for resource tables at events will be considered the sole property of the instructor and are not eligible for return or refund by Breath of the Spirit.