Barbie teaches several different workshops and ‘Encounters’ courses all around the world.  Be sure to check our site often to find out if Barbie will be teaching near you!

We also have Encounters and Workshop materials available in our online store.

Healing & Harvest Workshops

This course trains people to use biblical healing techniques and the spiritual gifts such as the Word of Knowledge and Prophecy to give encouraging words to the people we encounter in the worlds marketplaces. This process evangelism technique often leads to salvation and healing on the streets and by ways.

Revelatory Encounters

This prophetic course is designed to teach, train, activate, and impart the ability to hear God’s voice for yourself and others. This training helps those that attend recognize and remove hindrances to hearing His still small voice. The course topics include: Developing Godly Character and Integrity, Old and New Testament prophets, False Prophets, Immature Prophets, God’s Friends, Knowing God’s Voice, Difference between the Gift and Prophetic office, Forms of Revelation, 4 Categories of Prophecy, Spirit of Prophecy, Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Interpretation, Application, The Seer, The Watchmen, Intercession, Prayer, and Intimacy. We provide practical hands on activities to get the attendees involving in doing and participating, not just listening to the trainer talk. We engage the audience.

Healing Encounters

This course covers a variety of teaching topics followed by a time of impartation and activation where the audience participates by practicing the skills and biblical healing techniques they learn. Course contents are: Introduction to Healing, Jesus, The Healer, Issues of the Heart, Four Aspects of Healing, The Faith Realm, Take Your Authority, You Get What You Expect, Miracles Today, Hindrances to Miracles, Suffering in Regards to Healing, God’s Voice of Healing, You Must See it to Be it!, Keep Your Healing, Healing Scriptures, Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Dream Encounters

This course on Dream Encounters covers a variety of teaching topics followed by a time of impartation and activations. Topics include dreams, lucid dreams, visions, trances, soul scripting dreams, numbers, colors, heavenly translations, earthly transportations, spiritual visitations, and much more. The audience will experience a demonstration of live dream interpretation of participants’ dreams. This dream workshop is designed to equip the body to understand their own dreams and engage the unchurched in the marketplace.

Angelic Encounters

This course covers a variety of teaching topics on Angels. Topics include the various types of angels, their ministry functions, characteristics, and categories.