Wilderness Doors of Hope

Wilderness Doors of Hope We are able to access the eternal spiritual realm through the Holy Spirit who connects us to Jesus. He is the Living Word of God. Jesus Christ is the only God-given door that we enter into through prayer, meditation, praise and worship, dreams and vision. Jesus, the Anointed One, is the […]

Its Time to Prosper!

A new identity emerges as we see as God sees and obediently embrace a new larger vision. A godly identity and vision comes with a promise and provision. God will provide the creative ideas that will form the provisions to finance your new identity to not only bless you but those in your sphere of […]

Taking on the Divine Nature of God

The Holy Spirit in us also surrounds us while He reveals new levels of revelation knowledge. The hidden realms of the Spirit are deep within the Christ who resides in us. Father God reveals revelation knowledge to Jesus the Son, who tells the Holy Spirit, who shares His secrets with us His friends. When we […]

Angels of Light

Angels are composed of the radiant light of God. Light is a very powerful force that enlightens, heals and strengthens Believers, while at the same time it destroys evil, sickness and dispels all darkness. God is the Father of lights and of truth in whom there is no variation or shadow of changing. God is […]

Flesh of Sin or not…

“Flesh” would be a good word study in Scripture. Flesh does have a couple meanings. One means the body or our physical body in which we walk around. There is no sin in having  a body. Jesus had a body and it was not sinful.   Second, meaning for flesh is  the idea that we […]