God’s presence and the Word of God refines, purges sin, and purifies people so they are able to receive and carry out the revelation knowledge they receive from angels. When we are planted in the house of the Lord, we will flourish in the courts of our God. (Psalm 92:13) Holiness enables people to enter spiritual gateways. A pure heart is able to enter the realms of the spirit. “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside. I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” (Psalm 84:10) The righteous can attend the courts of heaven to plead their cases before Jesus their advocate and receive justice. “My soul longed and even yearned for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.” (Psalm 84:2) Spiritual gateways give the ambassadors of Christ access to the angelic realm and revelation knowledge to carry out God’s mandates.

Angelic Gates and Doors Lee Ann’s dreams

Lee Ann dreamed that the angel named Catalyst has been released. This angel will assist us in leaving the old order and entering into the new spiritual gate and era. A catalyst angel is an agent of change that helps focus one’s strong will into positive productive power and returns grace to the rule of law. When catalyst angels are present less natural ‘free’ energy is required to reach a transition state. Catalyst angels know how to engineer multiple transformations from one state of existence to the next higher states in a reduced period of time. Catalyst angels utilize a person’s willingness to repent and change. As we enter into God’s rest we will see the catalyst angels push things over the top breaking every curse that has held us bound. You have been pushed back with the feeling of losing territory for a season. But, now is the time to regroup, gain strength, push back and go over the top to finish well. We will emerge as the prototypical pattern with the wisdom and freedom to pioneer a new beginning that sets captives free. Catalytic angels help us advance based on our biblical knowledge and the spiritual principles we have applied to our life. Sin, doubt, unbelief and rebellion are all poisonous inhibitors that reduce transition, resist change and inhibit spiritual transformation. Repentance, praise, prayer and worship all promote positive change and transition to a higher level of purity. Catalysts favorably affect their environment by concentrating their personal contact and bonding to believers to heat up their activities with the fire of God. Catalytic angels increase the rate of the transition and transformation process by annulling mental strongholds or untying negative thought patterns and reactions to allow the recipient to pick up a new anointing of fire. When the transition process takes place transformed believers become spiritual converts, or “catalytic converters,” that are fiery ministers ready to evangelize the lost sinner.

In Lee Ann’s dream she saw a small door that had come from heaven to rest on earth. This heavenly door gave earth access to the realm of eternity. Lee Ann and her older spiritual mother Janice were standing next to the gate. They heard others say, “The gate was too hot to touch!” Lee Ann bent down to touch the gate and it felt like her own body temperature. Lee Ann opened the gate for Janice to enter. The gate was low so we must learn to humble ourselves to serve others. Janice represented the older previous generations who had experienced revival in the past. Janice bent down to the ground and easily slipped in through the gate to disappear into the next realm. Lee Ann tried to follow Janice into the past but the gate began to move forward as it constantly changed locations. The continual movement of the gate represented the progressive or proceeding Word of the Lord that had to be followed in order to move forward to win. We must learn to move when the cloud of the Spirit moves to stay current with God. Lee Ann had to run to keep up with the gate. This represents a time of acceleration where we are no longer foot solders but must learn to run with the horses.

Along the way Lee Ann was met by a group of college age athletic women who desired to enter the gate. The volleyball team represented a need for unity to accomplish a specific goal. These young ladies knew how to work together as one to assist each other, set things up to score, joust, spike and kill the shots with seamless expertise. Lee Ann graciously preferred the volleyball team and once again waited to enter the gate herself.

Three generations were represented in this dream the past, the present and the future. We must learn to prefer and include other generations before ourselves. The older generation has the wisdom the present generation has the knowledge while the young generation has the strength and zeal.

Lee Ann discovered that the gate also had a back door. The revival fires of the past had burned and the ashes had been emptied through this door. She knew if she blew on the coal embers the fires would reignite. There was an ability to ignite the fire from past revivals by honoring the dedication of these fiery ministers. We can glean from the past by joining with the positive aspects of those movements by bringing them into the current new move of God. This dream indicates God has opened a three dimensional gate for us to steward an unprecedented move of God that has never been experienced. We must enter in with a humble teachable heart of honor for the past movements, transition and transform to embrace the future then exit in the power and anointing of God’s fiery love to change the world.

Heaven is touching earth in 5778 to usher in a bold new beginning in the Kingdom of God. The gate was too hot for those who had not been through the purification process of fiery trials. But to the fiery ministers of God who have clean hands and a pure heart the gate felt the same temperature. Doors represent opportunities to enter into spiritual access and new realms through enlightenment to partake of increase and multiplication. Lift your head you ancient gates that the king of glory might come into this world through you. We are going to become the access points, portals and supernatural gates for others to enter into their destiny, salvation, deliverance and healing. We will become the catalytic converters to bring people out of darkness into light to experience a powerful encounter with God. Do not take no for an answer in this season. If the door appears to be shut or locked ask God for the wisdom, power tool, or spiritual gift to open it, a screwdriver to unhinge the door or the key to unlock it. Continue to press through. Do not allow distractions or obstacles to discourage or hinder your forward motion or mobility.

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